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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps today. With over 1 Billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is on top in messaging apps. While WhatsApp has some great features natively, there are a few Android apps that make it  better or even best. Yes,  there are excellent WhatsApp supporting third-party Android apps which can make your experience more amazing while you chat with WhatsApp. These apps might offer different utilities and needs minimum Android version.
Let us see the best WhatsApp supporting app to extend the features of WhatsApp on your Android phone.

1. SKEDit Scheduling App for WhatsApp
SKEDit is a Powerful Scheduling Tool That Lets You Control Your Tomorrows, Today. With SKEDit, you can schedule a message on WhatsApp easily by following these steps. Just install  and open the app, then choose WhatsApp, and connect your WhatsApp account.Once you do that, you’ll be directed to the page in where you can schedule a message easily and the app works completely automatically. This is uesful for the Person who needs help remembering birthdays/special events of loved ones, people working across different time zones and many more...SKEDit is available to download for free,  do check out , so that you can just schedule messages and forget about it.

 Check out the application by following the link below SKEDit

2. Transcriber for WhatsApp

With the free Android app "Transcriber for WhatsApp" you can convert voice messages into text. Yes, you heard it right, When you have received a WhatsApp voice message but can not listen to it right now? You can still hear what's in it, thanks to the free Android app "Transcriber for WhatsApp". The app converts received voice messages into text so you can read them easily and respond immediately. Of course, this will help avoid those awkward situations where everyone can hear what the voice message was.
Here’s are the steps  to use Transcriber for WhatsApp app –

-  When you’ve received an audio message, you tap- hold and share your voice messages with "Transcriber for WhatsApp".
-  The app then analyzes the voice message and outputs the result as text. Isn't that simple....

 Check out the application by following the link below Transcriber for WhatsApp

3. AutoResponder for WA

AutoResponder for WA lets you set auto-response for messages from either a particular contact or for everyone, and it lets you create rules which it will follow in order to send auto responses. You can set up multiple auto responses so they’ll be sent just for groups, just for individual contacts or both, you can set up delays and also reactions to specific messages.

 Check out the application by following the link below  AutoResponder for WA

4. Cube Call Recorder ACR

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) recording is not supported in all devices, hence Cube Call Recorder ACR is the only app on this list that not only lets you record your normal phone calls, 
but also the calls from WhatsApp, Skype, enables you to record all outgoing and incoming calls, customize configurations on the calls you want to record, modify output format as well as audio source, and automatically delete history. WhatsApp call recordings can be handy at many times. Suppose, you want to recall the WhatsApp calls you had with your friends which carries some important information. Now, if it was text message, you could check the conversation history. 
But it isn’t. So instead of asking your friends again, which might not be accessible, you could easily go through the call records history and find what was needed. 

 Check out the application by following the link below Cube Call Recorder ACR

5. App Lock

If WhatsApp is your primary messaging app, then you might want to protect it to prevent someone from taking a peek into your chats. The most basic functionality of the security feature is to lock your Android apps so that nobody can access or uninstall them, For example, if you have an app lock on WhatsApp, one of your friends borrow your phone to play games cannot get into your WhatsApp app without a password you have set for the locked app.As soon as you open the app, you’ll be asked to set up a Password or Pattern or Fingerprint for authentication, Once you set that, you can just look for WhatsApp in the list and tap on the lock button next to it, to lock your  WhatsApp.

 Check out the application by following the link below App Lock

6. Locker for Whats Chat App

The application is best for those who want to lock specific chats on WhatsApp. Using this application, you can lock your personal and group chats. This makes it a perfect WhatsApp chat locker app and also, the user interface of this application is also very simple and easy to understand. So If you want to lock your personal chat then go for it.

 Check out the application by following the link below Locker for Whats Chat App

7. Google Photos 

WhatsApp comes with a Backup feature that automatically back-up WhatsApp text messages, videos and images. But there is an alternative to back up whatsapp images and videos using Google Photos. Google Photos gives 15GB of storage free for each user.
So you can set Google Photos to automatically back up WhatsApp images and videos. Go to Google Photos app menu, then choose WhatsApp image folder and enable back-up and sync option. That's it, every time you download a image on WhatsApp, Google photos will automatically store it to Cloud. 

So these are the top 7 must-have Android apps for every WhatsApp user, where scheduling messages, setting up an auto-reply or protection become much easy with these apps. If you are using any of these apps are planning to use hereafter, do let us know in the comment.


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