Friday, October 18, 2019

Xiaomi MIUI 11 launched in India - Top 10 Features Of MIUI 11

At the Redmi Note 8 Pro launch in India, Xiaomi also launched its next OS update ‘MIUI 11’. Xiaomi unveiled new features and changes coming to MIUI 11 along with the rollout timeline for smartphones. Xiaomi aims to offer a more minimalist design with the new MIUI 11. 

MIUI is Xiaomi’s custom OS based on Google’s Android. Xiaomi users, on the other hand, are  excited about Android 10 as well as about MIUI 11 — the next-gen OS update for Xiaomi and Redmi devices.

MIUI 11 Best Features

Xiaomi has been working on the MIUI 11 for some time, it goes without saying the latest update from Xiaomi has excellent features..

1.  UI Design 

 MIUI 11 gives a minimalistic look. The exciting UI changes happening on MIUI 11 are dark mode with Dark Mode scheduler. The most exciting one  is the new colorful iconography on the settings page.  There are new lock animations as well.

2. Dynamic Video Wallpaper 

MIUI 11 also comes with a wallpaper carousel with 200 lockscreen wallpapers shown in a day. With MIUI 11, Xiaomi is introducing Dynamic Wallpaper and Dynamic Video Wallpaper. With Dynamic Video Wallpaper feature, users can set any video as their wallpaper.

3. Enhanced Always-On-Display

Xiaomi is adding dynamic clock styles, new patterns and options to add customized personal text on the always-on display.  The latest MIUI update also adds edge lighting on the lock screen that will show up as soon a new notification arrives on your Xiaomi device.

4. Ultra Power Saving Mode

The MIUI 11 comes with  an Ultra Power Saving mode is under the Battery settings. When power saving mode is ON except Calls and messages all apps and other tasks  will be turned off. Moreover only certain apps are allowed in this mode. The color of the screen will turn black and white for more efficiency

5. Digital Wellbeing 

With MIUI 11 you will be able to manage your screen time by tracking the time spent on your smartphones. Further you can also limit the time spent on applications.

6. Mi Life

MIUI 11, Xiaomi is going to give users a new app Mi Life. This app comes with three features steps, Viminz Health and Quick Reply. The steps feature can be used to count steps. Viminz Health will monitor the period cycle of women.

7. Quick Reply 

MIUI 11 includes the “Quick Reply” feature which will allow users to reply to the home screen without needing to open the application.

8. Mi Share

Mi Share is made finally made available with the MIUI 11. Located under the connection and sharing feature settings, the feature enables Xiaomi users to exchange photos, files, and documents to other devices such as Vivo, Realme and Oppo via a single tap.

9. Mi Work

Xiaomi's MIUI 11 has a new file manager app is that you can view documents without needing any extra software. Xiaomi has also added Task functionality under the To-Do app and users can access the created tasks just by right-swiping on the home screen.  the floating calculator to calculate the expenses without having to exit the current app or switching apps

10. Other Features of MIUI 11

MIUI 11 brings notification light to phones which don’t have one built-in.Xiaomi has also worked on the notification light which it says most of its users still prefer. Mint keyboard, Dynamic ambient sounds for alarms, ringtones , Wireless Print, Dual Clock, New Game Turbo,  New Panchang, Casting documents, photos, games, etc with ScreenCast and more.

List of  Xiaomi and Redmi devices receiving the MIUI 11 Global ROM –

MIUI 11 will start rolling out on October 22 for Redmi K20, Redmi Y3, Redmi 7, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7S and Poco F1. The second staged rollout takes place between November 4 and 12. MIUI 11 will be available on all Xiaomi smartphones by December 26.

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